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April 14, 2019 at 12:01 pm


On April 14th, 2019 Sparks Police Officers were dispatched to a vehicle burglary in the 1100 Block of Union. As officers were investigating the call another vehicle burglary was reported in the same area. During that investigation more burglaries were reported in the area and a vehicle was being reported stolen from the 500 Block of Sparks Blvd which is in close proximity. Throughout the investigation it was discovered that there were in excess of five vehicle burglaries and two stolen vehicles from that area, one of which was recovered. Patrol Officer's were able to locate a large amount of the stolen property from the reported burglaries and return that property to the owners.


At approximately 1:40 PM officers were dispatched to a retail store in the 5000 Block of Pyramid Hwy. Loss prevention reported that a male subject had attempted to steal several items from the store. When he was contacted he fled on foot. As he was running from the store he knocked a six year old child to the ground as he pushed his way past her causing minor injuries to the child. Once outside, a Good Samaritan attempted to tackle the male when a fight ensued. An off duty Sparks Police Officer interviened and was able to detain the male until uniformed officers arrived.


The male was arrested and identified as 36 year old Sixto Guzman of Sparks. Car keys were found in Guzman's possession but he denied having a vehicle. The vehicle that the keys belonged to was located in the parking lot and determined to be one of the two vehicles reported stolen earlier. The investigation showed that Guzman had driven the stolen vehicle to the store. 


Through investigative work done by patrol officers, It was determined that Guzman was responsible for stealing two vehicles and committing several vehicle burglaries. Guzman was booked into the Washoe County Jail for two counts of Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle, one count of Grand Theft Auto, twou counts of Burglary, one count of Child Endangerment and one county of Petit Larceny.


The vehicle burglaries occurred in the 1100 Block of Union, the 1400 Block of Coupler, the 1200 Block of Junction and the 1100 Block of Union. Some of the property recovered was not claimed and it is believed that there may have been other unreported burglaries in that area. If you live in that area and are the victim of a Burglary, please call the Sparks Police Department at 775-353-2231.


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