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May 13, 2019 at 8:09 am


The Sparks Police Department is aware of the arrest of Sparks Police Chaplain Jay Jeffers. At the time of his arrest, Jay Jeffers was an active member of the Sparks Police Chaplain Corp.


The Sparks Police Chaplain Corp is made up from local clergy of various religions who volunteer their services to the Sparks Police in providing guidance to members of the department and community during difficult times and/or times of crisis.


The Sparks Police Department takes the charges against Mr. Jeffers seriously. His current status as a Sparks Police Chaplain is suspended and he has been removed from all duties and responsibilities as a Chaplain with the Sparks Police.


The Sparks Police Department concurs with the Nevada Highway Patrol in that this type of Behavior undermines public confidence. Motorists need to feel certain that any vehicle operating with flashing red and blue lights belongs to an official law enforcement agency. Per NRS 484A.480, it is illegal to have a front-facing red light and/or display blue lights on a non-emergency vehicle.


If you feel that you're being stopped by an unmarked vehicle that is not authorized to do so, the Sparks Police also recommends calling 9-1-1 to confirm its legitimacy with Dispatch while driving to a well-lit and populated public place before stopping.

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