Hide, Lock & Take

The Hide, Lock & Take awareness card

The Sparks Police Department Crime Prevention Unit has initiated a citizen awareness program intended for the holiday shopping season, in an effort to reduce vehicle burglaries and auto thefts. This program also extends to our area parks and many of the apartment complexes throughout the city.

The program is simply called “HIDE, LOCK, & TAKE.”  The concept, to reinforce people to do the following:




This program has proven to be effective in reducing vehicle burglaries and auto thefts in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

As the beginning of the holiday shopping season approaches, many shoppers will be preoccupied with getting the best price for their purchases, and will rush from one location to another. As in the past, victims assume their property is secure enough in the back of their locked vehicle. As we know, items of value left in plain sight are an invitation for criminals to help themselves to those items.

Many citizens fail to secure their vehicles when they return home, and during the night, we know what happens.

And as we know from experience, as the weather changes and the cold and freezing temperatures arrive, many like to warm up their vehicles outside, leaving their keys in the ignition.

It is our goal to remind the citizens of Sparks about these issues in an effort to reduce the number of vehicle burglaries and auto thefts.

Crime Prevention had 20,000 brochures printed up. These have been distributed to most of the retailers in Sparks, and some have parking lot signs, reinforcing the message:

Hide, Lock & Take

Even after the holiday seasons has pass, this message continues to be shared by participating complexes, through the posting of signs installed on their properties. Signs have also been installed at many of the local parks preventing a day of leisure and recreation from turning into a day loss.

If you have questions, or have any citizens inquiring about the program, send them to Officer Dennis Rodrigue, Crime Prevention Officer at 353-2299 or 353-2241 x509.

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