Report an Abandoned Vehicle or Parking Issue

Vehicles should only be reported if they have been parked in the same location for more than 48 hours. 

Please call our non-emergency dispatch at (775) 353-2231 if:

The vehicle is occupied

The vehicle is impeding traffic

The vehicle is blocking a driveway, or causing an unsafe situation 


Examples of Abandoned Vehicles:

It is unlawful for any person to park a vehicle or non-commercial trailer on a street, highway or alley for a period longer than forty-eight hours, or longer than is designated by an official traffic control device regulating the area.


Examples of Parking Issue:

A vehicle left parked on a public street for more than two days, a vehicle left on the side of the road with its wheels missing or missing vital operational parts, vehicles parked on the wrong side of the road (with their left wheels facing the curb).

Report an abandoned vehicle or parking issue

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