The primary focus of the Sparks Police Department Detective Section is to investigate and complete felony or complex cases reported to our Patrol Division.  Additionally, the Sparks Police is a member of the Regional Officer Involved Shooting Protocol and our detectives and detective supervisors lead and assist in investigations when a law enforcement officer is involved in a shooting incident.

Our Detective Section is comprised of:  2 Victim Advocates, 1 Crime Analyst, 1 Administrative Secretary, 14 detectives assigned to general assignment, 2 Detective Sergeants and 1 Lieutenant.

Our Victim Advocates provide emotional support for our victims and guide them to available resources. Our Crime Analyst reviews crimes on a weekly basis to identify crime trends.  This information is organized in a detailed report and shared with regional law enforcement agencies, general assignment detectives and the Regional Crime Suppression Unit (RCSU).  Our Administrative Secretary assists with case typing, transcripts, case management and case dissemination with other local agencies and the District Attorney’s Office.

Cases are assigned to detectives according to their primary case assignment. However, with the exception of detectives assigned to Child Sex Crimes, we are not a division of specialized investigators. Our focus and commitment is to create a cross-functional team capable of providing excellent investigations regardless of the crime. There are 5 detectives assigned to Child Sex Crimes, 4 detectives assigned to Violent Crimes and 5 detectives assigned to Property Crimes.

Our goal is to provide excellent investigations that are thorough, detailed and focused on the needs of our victims. To accomplish this, we employ teamwork approach that involves everyone in our section.

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