Internal Affairs

The Sparks Police Department puts great value on our relationship with the citizens of Sparks. Trust is a primary component of the relationship between the citizens of Sparks and their police department. In order to maintain the trust placed in the Police Department, the Police Department investigates complaints made against department personnel in a fair and equitable manner. Great effort is put into completing thorough and fair investigations.  The Internal Affairs Section is staffed by a Police Lieutenant. The Section is responsible for the investigation of citizen and internal complaints filed against all employees within the Police Department. The Internal Affairs investigator completes a thorough investigation consisting of interviews, collection of evidence, police reports or other sources. Once the investigation is completed, a determination is made as to whether or not a Department Policy and Procedure or General Order was violated. The investigative findings are then reviewed by the Chief of Police as to their final disposition.

The Internal Affairs Section also tracks and maintains records on Sparks Police use of force. Any use of force by an officer of the Sparks Police Department is documented and evaluated by the appropriate supervisory staff. The use of force records are tracked and maintained by the Internal Affairs Section.

In order to obtain information about filing a complaint against a Police Department employee, please contact any Patrol Division Watch Commander at (775) 353-2236.

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