Property & Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the proper care and custody of all items brought to the department for evidence, safe keeping or found. The Property and Evidence Unit maintains all evidence for future legal procedures. If evidence needs additional processing, Property and Evidence Unit personnel will transport the evidence to the Washoe County Crime Lab. Once processing is complete, the evidence is returned to the Sparks Police Department for storage. Once items placed into evidence for safekeeping or found property have been held for the statutory requirements, the items are then either returned to the proper owner or disposed of according to statutory requirements. All evidence that is no longer needed for criminal prosecution is returned to the owner or disposed of according to statutory requirements.

If you need to have a firearm returned from the Property and Evidence Unit, you will first need to pass a Brady background.  The paperwork is available at our front desk.  The background check is free but must be completed.  Also, appointments must be made to pick up property as we can be in and out of the office due to call-outs or evidence transport.

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