The Records Division is comprised of civilian employees who provide clerical support for the Police Department by maintaining all reports of police related activity, and performing data entry into the Records Management System.

The Records Division is responsible for processing public records request for police reports, criminal history checks, work permits, fingerprints, convicted person and sex offender registrations, photograph copies, business license backgrounds and special event permits in accordance with Sparks Municipal Code, Chapter 5 and Nevada Revised Statues.

Police records services are available: Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm (Closed on Holidays) at 1701 E. Prater Way, Sparks NV 89431.

Incident Crime Reports

Public records requests are submitted to the Records Division.  Please call 775-353-2279 press #4 to confirm the report is available for dissemination prior to appearing in person.  Juvenile criminal information is deemed confidential and cannot be released.

When requesting an incident crime report, please have the following information available

  • Report Number (for example: 16-12345)
  • Your Name
  • Type of Incident (traffic accident, burglary, etc.)
  • Involved person’s name(s)
  • Date and time of incident
  • Address or location of incident

Acceptable Forms of Identification

For services requiring a valid form of identification, the following is a list of acceptable photo ID’s

  • Any valid state driver’s license or state ID issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • US Military Identification
  • Passport
  • Resident Alien Card issued by INS



Fingerprints services are taken electronically through live scan machines.

Criminal History Check

All requests for a criminal history check will contain only Sparks Police Department arrests with a disposition.  It is your responsibility to contact Reno Police Department, Washoe County Sheriff’s Officer and Nevada Highway Patrol to obtain a complete criminal history check for Washoe County.

Work Permits

Prior to beginning employment in a job or position requiring a work permit each applicant must fill out an application, pay all required fees, shall be fingerprinted, and photographed.  No portion of any such fee is refundable.  Each applicant must furnish a government issued photo identification and confirmation that the applicant is legally capable of being employed in the United States.

Business License Background

Sparks Municipal Code requires certain business license to have a fingerprint background check performed.

Photograph Copies

Photographs that are taken in conjunction with an incident report are subject to public records requests.

Special Event Permits

Special event, sound amplifying, and special event alcohol permits are required on a public place or property.

Sex Offender Registration

Sex offenders living or visiting within the limits of the City of Sparks must register in accordance with Nevada Revised Statue 179D.

Convicted Person Registration

Convicted persons living or visiting with the limits of the City of Sparks must register in accordance with Nevada Revised Statue 179C.

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Notice regarding COVID-19

Effective March 18th, 2020: Due to COVID-19 concerns, we are closing our lobby until further notice. The health and safety of our community and staff members are of utmost importance. All Non-Essential Services will be suspended until further notice. We ask for your patience during this difficult time as there may be longer than usual waiting times. For more information please contact the Records Department at (775) 353-2243.

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