Front Desk/Police Assistant

Hours of Service:

Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 4 pm
Closed on Sundays and on Holidays
Phone: (775) 353-2428

The front desk is manned by uniformed civilian employees. Information is provided to citizens regarding resources on community shelters, public services, legal services, protection orders, ID theft, municipal codes, landlord and tenant issues, seat belt enforcement, and victim advocate services.

Police reports are taken by Police Assistants in person at the front desk; over the telephone; out in the field; and via the internet. Examples of types of reports that are taken by Police Assistants are missing person, stolen vehicle and property, stolen license plate, traffic accidents, fraud checks, burglary, property damage, lost or found property.

Police Assistants do not respond to calls in the field where a suspect is on scene, a crime is in progress or the call could potentially cause danger to the Police Assistant. These types of calls would require a Police Officer response. Police Assistants patrol neighborhoods and streets within the city looking for parking violations.

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Notice regarding COVID-19

In an attempt to provide the best service we can to our community, the Sparks Police Department will be implementing several preventative measures to help reduce or prevent the exposure and spread of Covid-19. These changes will begin 11/16/2020. This temporary altering and or reduction in services is only temporary and is designed to help reduce exposure to both our community and our employees. The Sparks Police Department is committed to placing our community first and this is an effort to keep our staff healthy and available to assist our community’s emergent needs. These changes in services are only temporary. Non-Essential Services will be suspended until further notice. All Work Permits Fingerprint Cards Additionally, the following services will be provided online or via mail only until further notice: Criminal History Requests (Online or Mail ONLY) Case Requests (Online or Mail ONLY) Convicted Persons Registration (Online or Mail ONLY) Sex Offender Registration (Online or Mail ONLY) Our front desk will be open by appointment only. We ask for your patience during this time as there may be longer than usual waiting times. For more information please contact the Records Department at (775) 353-2279.

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