Regional Crime Suppression Unit

The Sparks Police Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) was formed in November of 2007. It’s mission was to proactively address crime trends or other problems identified through statistical analysis, investigatory techniques and the sharing of information through the COMSTAT process.

The Crime Suppression Unit, along with similar  units at other agencies, proved to be very effective at identifying and addressing crime trends earlier and more thoroughly than traditional enforcement methods. It was evident early on that a small portion of the population was responsible for a large portion of the crime. As this type of police work continued to evolve, each local agency saw more and more jurisdictional overlap of crime trends and the people committing those crimes.  Weekly meetings were developed using the COMSTAT philosophy that brought together investigators, crime analysts and supervision from all the local major agencies.  In these meetings information is shared regionally on crime trends and suspect information.  Direction is also given on what crime trends will be emphasized that week.

In 2015 the Sparks Police Department and the Reno Police Department agreed to merge the Sparks Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) and the Reno Crime Suppression Team (CST) to better address the regional nature of these types of crime trends. The Regional Crime Suppression Unit or RCSU was created. This unit now contains four detectives from Sparks, four detectives from Reno, one sergeant from Sparks and one sergeant from Reno. The RCSU is housed at the Sparks Police Department and continues to have a significant impact on solving and preventing crime.

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