Sparks Police SWATSparks Police SWAT is a part-time tactics team consisting of officers throughout the Department. Being a member of SWAT is a collateral duty to an officer/detectives’ normal duties and responsibilities. Officers SWAT possess specific equipment and training for addressing high risk situations. These situations include serving warrants involving high risk suspects, barricaded suspects, hostage situations and dignitary protections.

Officers assigned to SWAT must pass a seven-stage test to be eligible for consideration to the team. This test consists of two challenging physical tests, a written exercise, a handgun marksmanship course, an obstacle course, a weapons manipulation drill, a tactical movement drill and an oral interview. Once assigned to SWAT, officers attend a basic SWAT school and begin training with the Team. SWAT trains twice a month and receives an additional one week period of training per year. SWAT training consists of handgun and rifle marksmanship, traditional and explosive breaching, tactical movement, open area searches and much more.

Crisis Negotiators are also assigned to SWAT to assist in deescalating and peaceably resolving dangerous situations.

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